Liquids Training Center

SnowEx Liquid Solutions Training Center

PART 1: Intro to Liquid Snow & Ice Control

  • Intro to Liquid Snow and Ice Control – Basic Strategies and Essential Tools
  • Getting Started with Liquids – Planning and Entry Points

Additional Resources

  • Anti-Icing vs Deicing 101
  • Liquid Misconceptions & FAQ
  • Terms Every Snowfighter Needs to Know

PART 2: Materials, Liquid Strategies & Best Management Practices

  • Using Liquids to Build a High Performance Material Program-Part 1
  • Liquid Anti-icing Pretreating and Performance Results
  • Liquid Anti-icing Post-Treating and Performance Results

Additional Resources

  • Making, Storing, and Blending Brine – Charles Glossop
  • Manual of Best Management Practices for Road Salt in Winter Maintenance, Wilfrid Nixon, PhD and R. Mark DeVries, Clear Roads, 2015
  • Winter Parking Lot and Sidewalk Maintenance Manual, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, Fortin Consulting, June 2015
  • Essential Tools for Mastering the Science and Art of Snowfighting
  • Amp up your Material Program Using Liquids

PART 3: Sales, Marketing & Finance Behind Liquids

  • Using Liquids to Improve Safety Outcomes and Reduce Liability
  • Using Liquids to Mitigate Environmental Impacts and Business Risk
  • Selling the Customer on Liquid Services
  • Using Liquids to Cut Costs and Grow Profit

Additional Resources

  • Material Application Cost Savings Calculator
  • A Guide to Measuring Customer Sites Using Google Earth
  • Snow Removal Process Improvements with Liquid Brine and Salt Reduction, Jim Holm, Park Nicollet Health Care System, PGMS Grounds Management Forum, Jan. 2016
  • Salt Smart…Sustainable Solutions – Strategic Advantages
  • Selling the Customer on Performance and Expertise
  • The Trend Towards Liquids