Why Buy a HELIXX™ SS Hopper?

The Total Package

Thinking about getting into pre-wetting or direct liquid applications (DLA), but not ready to make the leap to a sprayer? The HELIXX hopper spreader is your answer. It’s a triple threat – with the ability to not only spread material, but also be upgraded to add pre-wet and DLA capabilities. Simply add a liquid kit, which includes brine tanks, a high-efficiency pump, a pre-wet spray bar and a set of boom-less nozzles, and now you’re in the brine business. No other spreader on the market is this flexible.

Powers Through Material

What’s the biggest pet peeve for any spreader operator? Clogs. No one wants to get out of the warm cab and start chipping away at material to keep it flowing. It’s annoying. It wastes time. It wastes money. Enter the exclusive HELIXX material delivery system. Unlike anything else on the market, the HELIXX transfers the entire column of material in the hopper. Combined with the multi-dimensional tub design and vibrator, these spreaders reduce clogs and deliver better flow than those with traditional augers.

A Strong Foundation

Spreaders operate in the toughest environments. Add to this the fact that they carry and distribute corrosive materials. That’s why HELIXX spreaders feature a durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel frame. Furthermore, the unique leg and sill design of the frame forms a ridged backbone to keep the stainless steel hopper true to form, regardless of how much material it’s carrying.

All At Your Fingertips

The compact, dual variable-speed control easily installs into the truck cab to give you complete control over material flow and spinner speed. It also features a diagnostic display, bright LED lights and convenient accessory buttons for simplified control of optional accessories. No matter your setup, it’s simply plug and play.