Why Buy A Brine Pro™?

Control Your Own Destiny

Worried about finding brine? Then make it yourself. The Brine Pro™ is designed to take the sophistication out of brine making so anyone can do it with confidence.

Not only can you control your supply, you can also control the price. For every ton of salt added to the Brine Pro’s hopper, you can create approximately 870 gallons of brine in just a few hours time. Regardless of the price of salt, that’s pennies on the gallon to produce your own brine. This ability to make your own brine not only increases your efficiency and limits your costs, but it will separate your services from the competition as you can offer more for de-icing and anti-icing services.

Set It and Forget It

The Brine Pro offers automatic salinity control…meaning it automatically combines the salt and water to create the 23.3-percent concentration of salt brine recommended for anti-icing and de-icing applications. The advanced control lets you set the brine maker for either batch or continuous processing. When set to continuous, brine will continue to be made as long as salt is replenished and storage room is available…so you can ensure quality brine is on hand whenever needed.

Shop Ready

Larger brine makers typically require a large water intake and high voltage electricity to operate. On the other hand, the Brine Pro operates off 220 VAC and offers a standard garden hose connection – both of which you likely already have handy at the shop. Simply put, the Brine Pro is purpose built for winter maintenance contractors. That means we’ve made it ready to go without needing to find a high-flow water supply or having to call an electrician.