Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement

Effective February 1, 2022

SnowEx® is committed to ensuring our website and digital offerings are fully and easily accessible to all users, including people with disabilities.

To ensure our website is accessible, we’ve taken the following steps:

  • Adopted a web accessibility policy
  • In the process of rebuilding our platform to meet the standard of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA
  • Engaged professional web developers and experts to audit, improve, and continually monitor our website for accessibility issues
  • Committed to maintaining and updating our website and digital properties to remain accessible to users of all abilities


Through our genuine and good faith commitment to web accessibility, we believe we not only meet but exceed the digital accessibility requirements imposed by Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Although we are committed to ensuring is accessible to all, the website does have known issues and limitations, and are we are in the continual process of identifying and addressing them. This list will be updated as new limitations are discovered and known limitations are addressed.

  • Images are missing alternative text: Images across the website are missing alternative (or “alt.”) text. We are working with web development professionals to identify instances of missing alt. text and update this code.
  • Color Contrast: In some places on our website, the contrast between text color and background color is not high enough. We are working with our web team to address color-contrast issues site-wide and improve readability.
  • Heading Order: In some places on our website, the order of headings is not correct.  We are working with our web team to address heading issues and ensure they are in the correct order.


SnowEx® is committed to providing an accessible experience for all and is always looking for ways to improve. If you find an accessibility issue on our website, please let us know at and we’ll do our best to get the issue corrected in a timely manner.

For more information on web accessibility and legal requirements, here are some helpful resources: