Drop Pro™
250 & 600
Stainless Steel Drop Spreaders

  • Capacity: 2.5 & 6.0 cu ft
  • Materials: Salt, Sand & Fine Materials
  • Spread Pattern: Drop

make quick work of sidewalks & pathways

Place salt exactly where it’s needed with the new line of stainless steel drop spreaders from SnowEx®. The Drop Pro 250 and Drop Pro 600 provide up to 36″ of spread width in a drop pattern to keep the salt exactly where your vehicle drives. And with three mounting systems, these units can fit on most UTVs, compact tractors, or wheel loaders to make quick work of sidewalks, walking paths, and other hard surfaces where truck equipment can’t easily gain access.

Unique Features

Product Specs

Approx. Weight (Empty)130 lb160 lb
Approx. Weight (Empty)58.9 kg72.6 kg
Overall Dimensions (LxWxH)17" x 42" x 17.25"20" x 42" x 28"
Overall Dimensions (LxWxH)43.2 cm x 106.68 cm x 43.8 cm50.8 cm x 106.68 cm x 71.1 cm
Hopper Dimensions (LxW)12.8" x 36.5"16.75" x 36.5"
Hopper Dimensions (LxW)32.5 cm x 92.7 cm42.54 cm x 92.7 cm
Capacity (Volume)2.5 cu ft6.0 cu ft
Capacity (Volume)0.07 cu m0.17 cu m
Capacity (Weight)*350 lb650 lb
Capacity (Weight)*158.8 kg294.8 kg
Spreading Width30 to 36"30 to 36"
Spreading Width76.2 to 91.4 cm76.2 to 91.4 cm
MotorsDirect Drive, 12V, SealedDirect Drive, 12V, Sealed
MotorsDirect Drive, 12V, SealedDirect Drive, 12V, Sealed
*Material weight equates to approximately 2,160 lb/cu yd or 80 lb/cu ft (1 bag of rock salt).

Material Compatibility

CAUTION: Viscous or tacky substances or those containing solid particles are not recommended as these will clog pumps and nozzles.
WARNING: DO NOT USE any products containing petroleum or petroleum by-products of any kind. These destroy seals and will void warranty.