Regular-Duty Straight Blade Plow

  • Blade Width: 7' 6" & 8'
  • Fits: Half-Ton & Class 2 Trucks
  • Moldboard: Powder-Coated Steel

Lean & Mean

For personal plowing or light-duty commercial snow plowing jobs using half-ton pick-ups, the SnowEx® 7600RD and 8000RD are engineered to meet vehicle weight ratings and deliver excellent performance. Built with stronger and lighter high-strength steel, the units are ideal for tough conditions while putting less stress on your truck than heavier straight blade snow plows.

Unique Features

Product Specs

Blade Width7' 6"8' 0"
Blade Width228.6 cm243.8 cm
Blade Height27"27"
Blade Height68.6 cm68.6 cm
Angle Cylinders1½"1½"
Angle Cylinders3.8 cm3.8 cm
Plowing Width (Straight)90"96"
Plowing Width (Straight)228.6 cm243.8 cm
Plowing Width (Full Angle)81"86.6"
Plowing Width (Full Angle)205.7 cm219.9 cm
Approx. Weight*406 lb415 lb
Approx. Weight*184 kg188 kg
Cutting Edge5/16" x 6"5/16" x 6"
Cutting Edge0.313 cm x 15.2 cm0.313 cm x 15.2 cm
Blade/Wing Thickness16 ga16 ga
Blade/Wing Thickness16 ga16 ga
Reinforcement Ribs66
Reinforcement Ribs66
Trip Springs2 steel2 steel
Trip Springs2 steel2 steel
*Does not include vehicle mount (28 lb - 145 lb weight range). Please refer to the Power Match program for specific vehicle applications.

Power Match

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