V-Maxx™ SP-2400 Poly Tailgate Spreader

  • Capacity:
  • Materials: Salt & Sand

Keep It Flowing & Going

Turn your dump body into a winter workhorse with the V-Maxx™ SP-2400 replacement tailgate spreader. This units allows you to combine the large capacity of a dump box with the efficiency of a SnowEx® auger system, providing a cost-effective solution for year-round truck use.

Unique Features

Product Specs

Approx. Weight (Empty)326 lb
Approx. Weight (Empty)147.9 kg
Overall Dimensions (LxWxH)14" x 84" x 24"
Overall Dimensions (LxWxH)35.6 cm x 213.4 cm x 60.9 cm
Hopper Dimensions (LxW)17" x 84"
Hopper Dimensions (LxW)43.2 cm x 213.4 cm
Spreading WidthUp to 40'
Spreading WidthUp to 12.2 m
MotorsDual Electric, 12V, Sealed
MotorsDual Electric, 12V, Sealed
Spinner30.5 cm
Auger5" heavy-duty variable pitch steel flighting
Auger12.7 cm heavy-duty variable pitch steel flighting
*Material weight equates to approximately 2,160 lb/cu yd or 80 lb/cu ft (1 bag of rock salt).

Material Compatibility

CAUTION: Viscous or tacky substances or those containing solid particles are not recommended as these will clog pumps and nozzles.
WARNING: DO NOT USE any products containing petroleum or petroleum by-products of any kind. These destroy seals and will void warranty.