V-Pro™ UTV 32200 Poly Hopper Spreader

  • Capacity: 11.0 cu ft
  • Materials: Salt, Sand, Fine Materials & Pre-Wet
  • Spread Pattern: Broadcast

Keep It Under Your Control

The V-Pro™ UTV 32200 spreader is specifically designed to accommodate the bed lengths and weight restrictions of most UTVs. Shorter and lighter than standard truck spreaders, this spreader lets you easily address applications where only a UTV can typically go, such as sidewalks, bike paths and driveways.

Unique Features

Product Specs

Empty Weight280 lb
Empty Weight127 kg
Overall Dimensions (LxWxH)64" x 48.5" x 27"
Overall Dimensions (LxWxH)162.6 cm x 123.2 cm x 68.6 cm
Floor Length45"
Floor Length114.3 cm
Floor Width34"
Floor Width86.4 cm
Hopper Dimensions (LxW)53" x 48.5"
Hopper Dimensions (LxW)134.6 cm x 123.2 cm
Capacity (Volume)11.0 cu ft
Capacity (Volume)0.31 cu m
Capacity (Weight)*880 lb
Capacity (Weight)*399.2 kg
Spreading WidthUp to 30'
Spreading Width9.1 m
MotorsDual Electric, 12V, Sealed
MotorsDual Electric, 12V, Sealed
Spinner30.5 cm
Auger3" transverse high-flow auger
Auger7.6 cm transverse high-flow auger
Brake LightNo
Brake LightNo
*Material weight equates to approximately 2,160 lb/cu yd or 80 lb/cu ft (1 bag of rock salt).

Material Compatibility

CAUTION: Viscous or tacky substances or those containing solid particles are not recommended as these will clog pumps and nozzles.
WARNING: DO NOT USE any products containing petroleum or petroleum by-products of any kind. These destroy seals and will void warranty.