HDV™ Accessories


Thicker Cutting Edges

Thicker Steel Cutting Edges

Maximize durability and service life with thicker steel cutting edges.


Part Number

1/2" - 8.5 Model
1/2" - 9.5 Model
5/8" - 8.5 Model
5/8" - 9.5 Model

Poly Cutting Edges

Durable polyurethane cutting edge design withstands abuse while scraping up snow and ice from the surface.

Part Number

9.5 Model
8.5 Model

Carbide Cutting Edges

Abrasive surfaces and increased plowing speeds, often found in municipal and commercial applications, can accelerate the wear of cutting edges. Combat increased replacement cycles with OEM SnowEx Carbide Cutting Edge kits for the 8′ 6″ and 9′ 6″ HDV v-plow.

Part Number

8.5 Model
9.5 Model
Back Drag Edge

Back Drag Edges

Easy bolt-on installation, back drag edges deliver cleaner, consistent scraping and back dragging in tight areas.

*Back Drag Edge and Shoe Kits cannot be used simultaneously.

Part Number

8.5 Model
9.5 Model

Deflector Kits

Prevent snow from blowing onto the windshield by using a rubber deflector to enhance snow containment. Available in two sizes, 10″ or 18″.

Part Number


Shoe Assembly Kits

Shoe assembly kits let you set the scraping height of the blade, extending the life of the cutting edge.

*Back Drag Edge and Shoe Kits cannot be used simultaneously.

Part Number


Curb Guard Kits

Bolt-on curb guards protect the outer edge of your plow from wear associated with curbs and sidewalks.

Part Number


Bolt-On Wing Extensions

Maximize your blade width and carrying capacity by adding 9-inch wing extensions to each side. The extra 18 inches of plowing surface reduces the number of necessary passes, cutting down job time.

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High Wear Application Shoe Kits

Improve blade float or reduce cutting edge wear rates with the High Wear Application Shoe Kit. Composed of wear resistant AR400 material, these kits are less brittle, offer better wear rates than cast steel and are designed with aggressive municipal and commercial plowing applications in mind.

*Back Drag Edge and Shoe Kits cannot be used simultaneously.

Part Number

Blade Stop Kit

Blade Stop Kit

Be prepared for any plowing condition with a blade stop kit, designed to transfer extreme impacts throughout the blade structure to reduce stress on the hydraulics.

Part Number


Control Cup Holder Mount

The Control Cup Holder Mount is an authentic SnowEx accessory designed to function perfectly with SnowEx hand-held or joystick controls and smartphones (not included). It’s engineered to securely fit in most vehicle cup holders with a flexible, 360-degree gooseneck rotating mount that ensures customized positioning.

Part Number

LED Plow Headlight Security Kit

LED Security Kit

Thwart opportunistic theft of LED plow lights with the Security Kit featuring tamper-resistant hardware, mounting bracket, and installation tool.

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Truck Grille Plate

Grille Plate

Create clean and professional looking snowplow installations using the new stainless steel grille plate kits. Customizable 11-pin and 14-pin kits create harness storage locations for any application.

Part Number

11-Pin Kit – Halogen Harnesses
14-Pin Kit – LED Harnesses

Touch-Up Paint

Time to touch-up your blade or plow parts? SnowEx® offers a wide range of touch-up paints, available in convenient 12 oz. aerosol spray cans, that deliver an excellent finish to help keep your plow looking its best.

Part Number

Red Spray Can
Yellow Spray Can
Gray Spray Can
Gray Quart
Black Spray Can
Black Quart
Primer Spray Can
Primer Quart

Hydraulic Fluid

Available in gallon and quart sizes, this zinc-free product is formulated to provide better viscosity in temperatures as low as -40° F.  This means that your plow will operate at an optimum level in the most inclement weather.

Part Number


ArctiMaxx™ Grease

Specially formulated to protect moving components in arctic mining conditions, this grease is ideal for bearings, hinges, and pivot bolts on snow and ice control equipment. The custom formula maintains viscosity from -40 up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and military grade corrosion prevention additives protect equipment from corrosion without harmful environmental impact.

Part Number

14 oz Cartridge
7 lb Pail
120 lb Tote
400 lb Drum
Taller Blade Guides

Taller Blade Guides

Available in 36″ lengths, commercial blade guides are highly visible bright red, enhanced with reflective tape.

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