HELIXX™ Compact Stainless Steel Accessories

Stainless Hopper

Extension Collars

An extension collar is available as an accessory to increase material capacity for vehicles that can handle the additional weight. 0.5 cu yd extension collars available for the 12140 model.

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Spill Guards

A Spill Guard Kit provides the loader with an improved line of sight to the hopper edges, extending the edges of the hopper to 75.5″ for the 12140 model. This allows loading with a 5′ loader bucket and prevents overflow and spill into the bed of the vehicle.

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43" Kit

Inverted V

Baffle that attaches within the tub that helps to keep material off of the HELIXX system to help maximize flow of compacted materials.

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Attached to structural cross member, it vibrates the entire unit (tub and sill) to maximize flow of bulk materials.

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Poly Hopper Work Light

LED Work Light Kit

Provides better visibility at rear of spreader during night applications.

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LED Strobe Light Kit

Alerts traffic to your presence, especially during night operations. Plug and play functionality that does not require any additional harnesses and leverages the in-cab control.

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Ratchet Strap Kit

Ratchet-strap kit provides additional in-bed stability, security, and simplifies installation for multiple vehicle types.

Hopper spreaders require bolting to the truck frame for proper operator safety.

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For All Models

Extension Wiring Harness

The 8-pin extension makes the hopper side wiring harness a total of 144″.

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Vehicle-Side Harness Kit

The Vehicle-Side Harness Kit contains components to replace harnessing on the truck or wire a second truck to operate the spreader.

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For 0.7 cu yd Models
Shutter Deflector

Shutter Deflector Kit

The easy-to-adjust circular shutter deflector allows one-side spreading operation, providing optimal control by keeping materials away from areas they aren’t needed, and spreading more evenly where they are.

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Spreader Control Adapter Plate

Gain the flexibility and easy installation benefits of the cup holder control mount with every spreader installation using the new Spreader Control Adapter Plate Kit. Kit contains a durable metal mounting plate and hardware.

Control Cup Holder Mount not included, order separately (#82014).

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Control Cup Holder Mount

The Control Cup Holder Mount is an authentic SnowEx accessory designed to function perfectly with SnowEx hand-held or joystick controls and smartphones (not included). It’s engineered to securely fit in most vehicle cup holders with a flexible, 360-degree gooseneck rotating mount that ensures customized positioning.

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helixx compact spreader tarp kit

Tarp Kit

Keep de-icing material dry in your 12140 cu yd stainless HELIXX™ spreader with affordable and easy to install tarp covers and bungees.

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For 12140 Model