July 20, 2021

SnowEx Products Adds New Line of All-Weather Storage Containers

snowex storage containers

SnowEx Products has announced a new line of all-weather storage containers designed to bring the storage of supplies, tools, and PPE closer to where they are used. The versatile containers will be available in four sizes, including 3, 6, 12 and 18 cu ft. Each container has a molded-in closure that can be secured with an extended shank padlock to keep the contents secure and protected from the elements. The 6, 12, and 18 cu ft models will feature molded-in fork pockets allowing for easy placement, even when fully loaded.

“We’re excited to bring the same trusted, durable engineering SnowEx is known for to this new line of storage solutions,” said Tyler Jones, Product Manager of Non-Truck Snow & Ice Control Products for SnowEx. “We’re always working to find ways to provide our customers with products that improve their efficiency, and these new storage containers deliver on that.”

The durable, weather-resistant, polyethylene storage containers can be used for a variety of storage applications:

  • Rock Salt for Winter Cleanup
  • PPE and Oil Dry for Shops and Maintenance Centers
  • Bulk Item Storage for Manufacturing Facilities