June 22, 2015

SnowEx® Brine Pro™ Named one of Better Roads’ 2014 Top Rollouts

Amid hundreds of new products, the Brine Pro™ from SnowEx® was named one of Better Roads magazine’s Top Rollouts of 2014. Not only was the award based on a product’s significance, ingenuity and the filling of a market need, but also public engagement. Social media activity and audience enthusiasm factored into the results.

“To not only get a nod from the editors of Better Roads, but the public as a whole is a significant accomplishment for all of us,” remarked Michael Frank, product manager for SnowEx. “We worked hard on making the Brine Pro a hassle-free, yet highly innovative solution for snow and ice management professionals. It’s humbling to see those efforts come to fruition.”

The Brine Pro gives end users the confidence of making their own brine for liquid de-icing and anti-icing applications. Featuring a patent-pending design, the unit’s simple installation and automated operation were developed to answer the call for increased liquid solution needs.

Geoffrey Love from Randall-Reilly, publisher of Better Roads, visited the SnowEx facilities in May 2015 to present the award. To see the article published in the December issue, click here.