March 3, 2020

SnowEx® Introduces HELIXX™ Stainless Steel Hoppers for Lighter-Duty Trucks and UTVs

MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich. – SnowEx® has expanded its offering of HELIXX™ hopper spreaders with the addition of two new stainless steel models. The HELIXX 0.7 cubic yard stainless steel spreader is sized for popular half-ton and light-duty trucks, while the HELIXX 0.35 cubic yard stainless steel spreader is designed to fit UTVs and compact trucks. Both models are built with many of the same features of the larger SnowEx stainless steel hopper spreaders.

The advanced corkscrew, or “helix,” design of the HELIXX spreaders provides a revolutionary material delivery system that is designed to help prevent clogs and outperform the material flow of traditional augers. The system is optimized for efficient and cost-effective use of salt and was engineered to operate in the target range for salt spreading best practices. Furthermore, the HELIXX runs the entire length of the hopper with variable flights, promoting even unloading of material.

The HELIXX 0.35 cubic yard stainless steel hopper spreader has a 54.5″ long hopper and delivers a spreading width of up to 30 feet. Meanwhile, the HELIXX 0.7 cubic yard stainless steel hopper spreader offers a 44″ long hopper and up to 30 feet of spreading width.

Users can add the pre-wet and direct liquid application kit accessory to transform the larger HELIXX 0.7 cubic yard model into a triple threat, capable of spreading, pre-wetting or spraying. The kit includes two 25 gallon pre-wet tanks, a pump and a spray kit. This allows the spreader to have the ability to pre-wet materials or spray brine directly onto the driving surface for anti-icing applications.

Baffles within the spreaders’ chutes direct material to key areas on the spinner, resulting in a remarkably even and consistent spread pattern, while also reducing material directed back at the vehicle. Dual variable-speed controls allow independent adjustment of spinner and HELIXX speeds for precise material delivery, whether at low or high output. They also feature no-blast startup and auto reverse functionality.

The hoppers and frames of both spreader models are constructed of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. A unique leg and sill design of the frame provides more rigid structure to maximize service life. Also, the chutes can be flipped up or removed for easier hitch access or to simplify clean out.

Extension collars are a unique accessory that can be added to both the 0.7 and 0.35 cubic yard spreaders. These add height to the hopper walls in order to increase material capacity. The 0.35 cubic yard HELIXX is available with an extension collar that adds 0.25 cubic yards of capacity, whereas the 0.7 cubic yard model’s capacity can be increased 0.5 cubic yards with its respective extension collar option. In both cases, the spreaders’ capacities are increased more than 70 percent with the addition of the collars.

Other available accessories include spill guards, inverted “V” kits for materials susceptible to compacting, vibrator kits, work light kits, strobe light kits, and ratchet strap kits.

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