February 28, 2019

SnowEx Named Sourcewell Awarded Vendor in Solicitation for Snow and Ice Handling Equipment

SnowEx has been awarded a four-year national cooperative contract through Sourcewell (formerly NJPA). Now, public purchasing agents throughout the United States and Canada are able to save both time and money by eliminating the bidding process when purchasing SnowEx’s industry-leading line of snow and ice management equipment through the competitively solicited Sourcewell contract.

“We’re very excited to announce our new contract through Sourcewell,” said Pam Buckley, government sales and sustainability manager at Douglas Dynamics, LLC. “We offer many innovative snow and ice management solutions that are ideal for government buyers, including a full line of snowplows, spreaders and liquid spray systems. Now they can be more easily procured since Sourcewell has already met all the bidding process requirements for public purchasing agents.”

Partnering with the largest independent government cooperative purchasing agency of its kind, SnowEx joins Sourcewell’s community of over 300 vendors and more than 50,000 nonprofit organizations and state, county and local government entities, such as municipalities, counties, DOT and educational institutions. Sourcewell has the legal authority to source and qualify vendors, eliminating the bidding process. This allows purchasing agents to procure from ready-to-use, competitively solicited contracts, including SnowEx, more quickly and easily at the best price possible using Sourcewell’s large purchasing power. Sourcewell membership is free and available to all education and government entities, as well as nonpublic schools and nonprofit organizations.

Additional contract information can be found at www.sourcewell-mn.gov/cooperativepurchasing/080818-ddy-1.