HELIXX™ Liquid Kits

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HELIXX™ Liquid Kits

Built for use with SnowEx® HELIXX™ spreaders, the pre-wet tanks are designed for simple, plug-and-play installation. Available in 100 gallon (four – 25 gallon tanks) and 200 gallon (four – 50 gallon tanks) kits, the systems include an efficient pump and a spray kit to apply brine to the spreading material as it’s being delivered to the spinner, helping to lower salt usage while increasing its effectiveness. Furthermore, the kit includes spray nozzles that can apply liquids from the tanks directly to the driving surface for anti-icing purposes.

100 Gallon Liquid Kit

Adds 100 gallons of brine capacity (2 – 50 gallon tanks) to the 200 gallon liquid kit to achieve 300 total gallons. For use with the 11920, 11930 and 11940 HELIXX poly hopper models only.

200 Gallon Liquid Kit

For use with the 11920, 11930 and 11940 HELIXX poly hoppers, this kit includes four 50-gallon brine tanks, a high-efficiency pump and spray kit.

100 Gallon Expansion Tank Kit

The 100 gallon expansion tank kit (74630) adds 100 gallons of brine capacity (two 50-gallon tanks) to the 200 Gallon Liquid Kit, allowing HELIXX poly hoppers to carry 300 gallons of brine for pre-wetting or direct liquid application (DLA) use. For HELIXX 3.5 and 5.0 cu yd spreaders only.


12-Volt Motor

Cab Control

Pre-Wet/Anti-Icing Capabilities


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