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Mid-Duty UTV Straight Blade

We bring you power, speed, and precision with the UTV Mid-Duty Straight Blade Plows. Packages available in either full hydraulic lift and angle or winch lift manual angle versions. The blade is available in two widths, 5’6″ or 6’0”—the 5’6″ blade widths are perfect for sidewalks and 6’0″ blades are ideal for wider areas/driveways. Easy to operate with powerful hydraulics that control blade movements. High-strength materials and a lightweight design provide a tailored snow removal solution for sport and recreational utility vehicles.

Fits Mid Sized, Crossover & Sport UTVs

Built Strong Yet Lightweight

Constructed of high-strength, low alloy steel components that are stronger and lighter than traditional steel. Combined with four vertical reinforcement ribs and a five-inch hardened steel cutting edge, the plow delivers performance and durability one would typically expect from a heavier truck blade.

Protect Your Vehicle and Yourself

A full-trip moldboard with two coil springs engages when encountering obstacles, helping to protect your UTV, your blade and yourself from sudden, jarring impacts.


Sway-Frame™ Design

Lightweight Quick Attachment System


5'6" & 6'0" Wide Steel Moldboards

Easy Access Components Cover


Pre-Punched Blades for Accessories

Responsive Hydraulic Direct Lift*

Weatherproof Plow Control*

Winch Lift Operation*



Deflector Kits

Shoe Assembly Kits

Poly Cutting Edges Kit

High-Wear Cutting Edge

Emergency Parts Bag

Hydraulic Fluid

Touch-Up Paint

Control Cup Holder Mount

ArctiMaxx™ Grease