SnowEx® Product Lineup

Call or visit your local SnowEx dealer to learn more about the full-line of SnowEx snow and ice control products, inquire about product availability or installation, or ask questions about which products would be the best fit for your job or vehicle application.

truck plow icon


SnowEx offers a full line of straight blades, v-plows, winged, and box plow models built for your specific needs. Engineered for a variety of vehicle applications—from traditional half-ton and class 6 truck plows to purpose-built UTV plows and attachments for skid-steers and tractor plows.


The SnowEx spreader line offers hopper, tailgate, in-bed and tow-behind models for a wide range truck applications, dump beds, UTVs, and tractors. Featuring both poly and stainless steel options, there’s sure to be a SnowEx spreader to fit your vehicle and job specifications. 

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The SnowEx line of liquid sprayers puts you at the forefront of anti-icing and deicing technology with a full line of liquid sprayers that come in a multitude of sizes to accommodate UTVs and a wide range of trucks.


SnowEx sidewalk products—including walk-behind spreaders, sprayers, shovels and storage containers—provide sidewalk crews with professional tools for quick and efficient removal of snow and ice on sidewalks, stairs and smaller spaces.