Intro to Liquid Snow & Ice Control (Part 1 of 3)

Created January 9, 2018

liquid brine

Basic Strategies & Essential Tools

This module is a basic level overview and introduction to liquid tools and strategies – what anti-icing and deicing are – why they are both essential strategies – when and how to use them.


This module will discuss the planning and preparation required to successfully integrate liquid services into a contractor’s operations including crew training, customer communications and the various entry points for liquids.

Additional Resources

  • Anti-Icing vs. Deicing 101
    Anti-icing and deicing both seek to address winter maintenance safety issues… anti-icing to prevent the ice-to pavement bond and deicing to breakup hardpack after it has formed.

  • Liquid Misconceptions FAQ
    A few of the most common misconceptions and frequently asked questions about liquid snow and ice control.