Plow & Spreader Accessories That Allow You to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Created April 6, 2020

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Anyone working in snow and ice removal knows that being efficient is good for business. Investing in a few accessories now can allow you to be more profitable, save time and make your job a whole lot easier.  SnowEx® recommends these long term solutions because we want to help you work smarter, not harder.

In addition to common accessories like cutting edges, curb guards and shoe kits—there are many other products that can help make your job more manageable and help you adapt to special conditions.

Plow Accessories

  • Rubber Deflector Kits—enhance snow containment and prevents it from blowing onto the windshield and blocking your view.
  • Blade Guides—indicate where the edges of your plow are to avoid hitting obstacles. The fluorescent orange coating and reflective tape is highly visible.
  • Bolt-On Wing Extensions—clean up snow with fewer passes by maximizing your blade width and carrying capacity with wing extensions. Compatible with SnowEx HDV™ and UTV v-plows as well as the Heavy-Duty Straight Blade plows.
  • Back Drag Edges—great for driveways and pulling snow away from loading docks, doors and tight spaces.

Spreader Accessories

  • Vibrator—helps the continuous flow of material by shaking it to remove clumps and allowing salt/sand mix, bulk salt or moist material to spread evenly without clogging the equipment.
  • Work Light—provides better visibility at the rear of the spreader during night applications.
  • Strobe Light Kit—provides better visibility of the vehicle to surrounding traffic while operating and enhances safety by reducing the risk of collision.
  • Material Control Tubes—prevent material leaks when using fine pellets and flake. Recommended for the SnowEx Bulk Pro™ and V-Pro™ spreaders.

Maintenance Accessories

  • ArctiMaxx™ Grease—protects moving components in wide ranging temperatures (-40 to 300°F). This custom formula provides military-grade corrosion protection on equipment bearings, hinges and pivot bolts as well as chassis, dump bodies and many other moving components commonly found in snow and ice maintenance.
  • Hydraulic Fluid—provides smooth, consistent hydraulic performance and plow operation, specifically formulated to work in temperatures as low as -40°F.
  • Emergency Parts Bag—be prepared for the unexpected with an emergency kit that includes common replacement parts like hydraulic fluid, hoses, a solenoid, and more. Two kits options are available to cater to all plow models.

When choosing accessories for your plow or spreader, it’s important to know the difference between OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and will-fit parts. Generic products such as will-fit parts may be less expensive initially but can cost you reliability and potentially void the warranty, driving up the long term cost. Make the smart decision to stick with OEM parts and accessories that are made specifically for your equipment.

Consult your local SnowEx dealer to confirm accessory compatibility and availability.