Scrape Maxx™ Down-Force Kit


Unleash Your Plow’s

Scrape Maxx™ down-force kit is an exclusive, standard feature that gives SnowEx® truck plows the ability to apply downward force to bust through hard pack and maximize to-the-pavement scraping performance. Every SnowEx truck plow* provides the Scrape Maxx feature to provide the right amount of force for clean plowing.

*Not available for UTV plows

Watch the Scrape Maxx Down-Force in Action

Commercial-Grade Performance

By increasing down force, the Scrape Maxx down-force kit unlocks commercial-grade performance from SnowEx Light-Truck and Regular-Duty plows. Improving both back dragging and clearing performance without the need to upgrade to a larger vehicle or heavier plow.

Efficient Scraping Power

Provides more downward force to keep the blade against the surface—even over uneven terrain—making Scrape Maxx ideal when doing back dragging jobs.

Power at Your Fingertips

Because the Scrape Maxx down-force kit utilizes the capacities already built into the truck plows, installation and control are easy. Simply press and hold the down button to engage and the Scrape Maxx feature does the rest.