STORM SEEKER™ Dual-Halogen Plow Headlights


STORM SEEKER™ Dual Halogen Plow Headlights

The STORM SEEKER™ dual halogen snow plow headlights offer brighter performance and greater reach than traditional halogen headlamps. The lamps are designed to protect against water ingression and withstand jarring shocks and vibrations, while also providing brighter and better focused low and high beams.

Watch the Dual Halogen Plow Lights in Action

Dual-Cavity Design

The dual-cavity design features individual cavities for the low-beam and high-beam functions. With reflectors engineered specifically for each mode, the low and high beams both provide an optimal light pattern with minimal glare, no matter which mode you are in.

Low Beam Performance

The low-beam pattern puts more light down in front and to the sides of the plow for better visibility when plowing.

High Beam Performance

The high-beam pattern throws light farther down the road, allowing plow operators to see more of the road when traveling between sites.

Shock & Vibration Resistance

A two stud mounting bracket design keep headlamps firmly in place and provides vibration dampening, structural balance and flexibility for durable and reliable performance, even under the harshest shock and vibration forces. In addition, each lens is attached with a dual-adhesive bead seal that reliably secures the lenses to the casing even under jarring plowing conditions.

Water Ingression Resistance

STORM SEEKER snow plow headlights are uniquely designed to provide optimal reliability against water ingression. The reflector-to-housing seal features a built-in vent that allows moisture to exist, but not enter.

Minimize Ice Buildup

Halogen plow lights are known to generate heat and as a result, they minimize the buildup of snow and ice on the lens.

Compact Design

The plow light casings feature a shallow design so they won’t get in the way when opening hoods on certain truck models.