Why Buy a SnowEx® UTV Plow?

Compact, But Strong

The SnowEx® UTV V-Plow may be smaller than the rest of the line, but it’s still built to take – and deliver – a beating. It starts with high strength, low alloy steel that doesn’t yield to the toughest conditions, while shielding your utility vehicle from unnecessary stress. The plows also feature six solid welded reinforcement ribs for maximum durability and robotically welded headgear helps ensure quality and consistency on every plow.

Smooth Operator

Efficient, productive operation is what you demand… and that is what we deliver with every SnowEx plow. Choose between an intuitive hand-held control that simplifies all plow controls to just a touch of a button, or a joystick control for easier control when wearing gloves. Custom hydraulics, designed and produced in-house to maintain quality control, provide excellent maneuverability in the field. And a responsive direct-lift system aids in efficient stacking and transport. 

Made for the Duration

Longevity is a hallmark of SnowEx equipment. Our POWERCOAT high-performance, multi-stage powder coat system features a tough epoxy primer that delivers added protection and improved coating adhesion to guard against weathering and corrosion. Additionally, the UTV plows include a robust five-inch hardened steel cutting edge to protect the blade at the point of contact for longer wear and enhanced scraping action.