Why Buy A Tailgate Spreader (Single Stage)?

Protected From the Outdoor Elements

The drive systems on our tailgate spreaders feature a patented enclosure. This sealed environment protects the motor and transmission from the elements, helping it to last longer than any competitive spreader on the market.

Have It Your Way

The compact control offers variable-speed adjustment of the spinner. It also features a diagnostic display, bright LED lights and convenient accessory buttons for easy control of any attached optional accessories. The result is full control over your spread pattern…your peripheral accessories…and your results.

The Height of Hopper Technology

When it comes to tailgate spreaders, poly hoppers are the way to go. They don’t rust or add a lot of weight to the back of your vehicle. We revolutionized the concept in the early 1990s, and it’s still taking the industry by storm.

Don’t Lose Your Lid

Unlike the lids on many competitive spreaders, our lids don’t tend to fly open in the wind. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Knowing that our spreaders would be used in harsh conditions, our engineers designed the fitted lids so that the wind would push them down, keeping them well seated on top of the hoppers.

See What You’re Doing

With the low profile design of our tailgate spreaders, you have full visibility through your mirrors. That means you can operate the unit and back up the vehicle much more safely and confidently, which is especially valuable at night.

Works Well With Others

Our tailgate spreaders are available with a wide variety of mount options, making them highly compatible with many types of vehicles. Furthermore, the FLEET FLEX electrical system allows for complete fleet interchangeability between other Tailgate Pro FLEET FLEX equipped spreaders. Simply put, our spreaders can adapt to your fleet, so your fleet doesn’t have to adapt to our spreaders.