July 20, 2021

SnowEx Introduces New UTV Mid-Duty Plow & Stainless Steel Drop Spreaders

new 2021 plow and drop spreader

SnowEx Products, a leading manufacturer in the snow and ice industry, has announced three new additions to its line of non-truck equipment: the SnowEx® UTV Mid-Duty straight blade plow and the Drop Pro™ 250 and Drop Pro™ 600 stainless steel drop spreaders.

“With these new products, we are bringing the same durability, precision and speed our customers have come to know and expect to UTVs, compact tractors and wheel loaders,” said Tyler Jones, Product Manager of Non-Truck Snow & Ice Control Products for SnowEx. “SnowEx has always been known for its extensive line of spreaders, sprayers, and plows and we are thrilled to expand our line by adding the new Mid-Duty UTV plow and drop spreaders this year.”

The Mid-Duty UTV plow—made of high-strength materials in a lightweight design—provides a tailored snow removal solution for mid-sized sport and recreational utility vehicles. The 5’6″ and 6’0″ widths fit sidewalks perfectly, and high-strength components ensure commercial durability. The unique Sway-Frame™ design shifts the blade from side-to-side, maintaining wheel alignment while angling and helping to prevent hard-packed snow. Powerful hydraulics provide full angle and lift operation from inside the cab.

Made from laser-cut stainless steel and constructed with high-strength rivets, the all-new Drop Pro 2.5 cu ft and 6.0 cu ft drop spreaders give a spread width of up to 36” in a drop pattern to keep salt exactly where the vehicle drives. And with three standard mounting systems, these units can fit on most UTVs, compact tractors, or wheel loaders to make quick work of sidewalks, walking paths, and other hard surfaces where truck equipment can’t easily gain access. Variable-speed control allows the operator to precisely match the material delivery rate to the conditions. The free-flowing material delivery system ensures a consistent amount of material flows into the spreader trough while constantly agitating the material to prevent bridging.