When it comes down to it, grit and old-fashioned determination is the difference between getting the job done—and getting it done right. The SnowEx® line of plows and spreaders for your non-truck equipment was made for people like you—the diligent, the resolute. Those who won’t compromise on commercial-grade performance and durability. Those who need on-road or off-road versatility in their equipment.

Compact Yet Commercial-Grade Performance

SnowEx Plows & Spreaders

Whether you’re clearing your sidewalk, driveway, or pathways—SnowEx lets you get the most out of your UTV, compact tractor, or skid-loader with professional-grade plows and spreaders that command respect and make money, all winter long.

UTV Straight Blade Plows

Mid-Duty UTV Straight Blade

A purpose-built straight blade for your mid-duty sport or recreational UTV—with fully hydraulic lift and angle and patent-pending sway frame.

UTV V-Plow

Heavy-Duty UTV V-Plow

Get heavy-duty performance from a purpose-built V-blade with the versatility to quickly configure between straight, scoop, or V-plow modes for heavy-duty utility vehicles.

UTV Straight Blade Plow

Heavy-Duty UTV Straight-Blade

Built exclusively for heavy-duty utility vehicles, the professional-grade UTV straight blade includes a trip-blade to protect you and your vehicle from sudden impacts.

Tractor Plows

Automatixx® Tractor Attachment Kits

Equip your tractor with SnowEx V-plows, winged plows, or heavy-duty straight blades quickly and easily with a versatile removable push beam.

Skid-Steer Plows

SPEEDWING™ & Heavy-Duty

Increase versatility and move more snow with an automatic, multi-position winged plow or straight blade, specifically engineered for a skid-steer.

Box Plow


Attack large, open lots with 8′ or 10′ box plows that quickly and easily attach to skid-steers and compact equipment, offering large carrying capacities.

Stainless Steel Drop Spreaders

Drop Pro™ 250 & 600

Ideal for UTVs and compact tractors, this drop spreader has up to a 36″ spread width, reducing the chance of turf damage near walking paths and sidewalks.

UTV Stainless Steel Hopper Spreader

HELIXX™ (0.35 cu yd) Stainless Steel Hopper

A salt and sand spreader with over 9 cu ft of capacity and a 30′ spread width for complex properties that need flexibility for narrow and wide paths.

UTV Poly Hopper Spreader

V-Pro™ UTV 32200

A poly hopper with built-in geometry for better material flow and a pre-wet option to activate your salt, helping it work better in colder temperatures.

UTV Liquid Sprayer

AccuSpray™ VSS-1000-1

The ultimate solution for anti-icing treatment—a liquid sprayer that conveniently fits in a UTV with a spot spraying wand for stairs and entryways.

Video Gallery

Mid-Duty UTV Straight Blade
Heavy-Duty UTV Straight Blade & V-Plow
Skid-Steer Snowplows
Drop Pro 250 & 600 Comparison
UTV Plows & Spreaders
AccuSpray VSS-1000-1

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