How Down-Force Can Maximize Your Plowing Performance

Created November 16, 2021

Scrape Maxx Now Standard

Scrape Maxx™ is NOW STANDARD on all SnowEx® truck plows!

Down-force is a game-changing snow plow feature that can have a huge impact on performance and your reputation. With the exciting announcement that the Scrape Maxx down-force kit is now standard on all SnowEx truck plows, let’s dig into what down-force is and why it matters. Watch Scrape Maxx in Action

1. Cleaner Finish

Down-force uses hydraulics to push the plow downward, increasing the pressure while also adding strength to the plow’s scraping ability. When there’s ice or hard-packed snow, down-force can be the difference between a perfect result and a not-so-perfect one. Results of course, are a big part of a customer’s experience, so if you can take your performance to the next level, your reputation will grow stronger with each job you complete.

2. Big Plow Performance (Without The Big Plow)

One of the benefits of having a larger plow is the added weight that contributes to a cleaner scrape. But, with the addition of down-force, you can get some of the same performance without having to upgrade to a larger truck and plow. This saves you money in the long run, especially if your current plowing setup meets your needs. That said, larger plows do often come with upgraded features, better efficiency, and added durability, but if your current setup fits what you’re doing, down-force can be the upgrade you’re seeking.

3. Ability To Release Pressure

Every plowing job has its curveballs, even the most straightforward property. A key benefit of the Scrape Maxx kit from SnowEx is your ability to “turn off” the down-force so that you can go over obstacles without damaging your plow or your surroundings. This kind of adaptability can elevate your plowing game and customize your plowing strategy.

4. Back Dragging Capabilities: Unlocked

Speaking of strategy, in confined areas and around buildings, back dragging is a key tactic to clear snow. With down-force, you can add much-needed power to your back-dragging efforts. Not only does it look better, but it’s much more efficient—you don’t have to get out and shovel as much around those buildings, garage doors, and fences. Any excuse to stay in your safe, heated truck and increase efficiency is a good excuse.

Why It’s a Big Deal That Scrape Maxx Now Comes Standard

SnowEx has built its reputation on many things—including our easy-to-use Automatixx® attachment system—but one of our showstopping items that makes us stand out is the Scrape Maxx down-force kit. It has been available as an add-on accessory for years, but now we’re building it in standard on all of our truck plows—and at a relatively competitive price. Scrape Maxx is seamlessly integrated into the plowing process. Starting now, you can be confident that when you buy a SnowEx plow, it comes ready to pack the punch of down-force.

Dial-In Your Down-Force Kit

When you get your truck plow installed, make sure a seasoned mechanic dials in the settings on your down-force. It’s not a one-size-fits-all situation, and Scrape Maxx needs to be optimized for your specific truck setup.

Each truck has a different weight and suspension. When installing and activating the down-force, the service technician must adjust the limits and relieve the suspension so the truck doesn’t bounce down the road.

Consider the Cutting Edge

The cutting edge on your plow is always important, but with a down-force kit, the stakes are even higher. If you’re using down-force regularly, you need to pay special attention to the surface you’re plowing. Consider avoiding steel or carbide cutting edges if it’s decorative stone, parking garages, or other more easily damaged surfaces. Choose a softer cutting edge—like poly or rubber—or deactivate the Scrape Maxx when you’re on those more delicate surfaces.

Learn to Deactivate On the Go

Down-force is a great option to have, but when obstacles or softer surfaces come into play, sometimes it’s best to forego that extra power. To deactivate Scrape Maxx temporarily, just press the up arrow. When you need to activate it again, press the down arrow.

This powerful tool is now available on all SnowEx truck plows. Now it’s up to you to make the most of it and elevate your plowing performance this coming season.