Maintenance Videos

Our Maintenance Toolbox was designed and developed to help our loyal SnowEx® customers by increasing the longevity of your snow and ice products through proper maintenance and storage procedures. Each video in this toolbox will walk you through these important maintenance and storage procedures to ensure you have the most reliable, durable and efficient snow and ice management product on the market.

Drop Spreader Setup

Drop Pro™ 250 & 600 Spreader Setup

vehicle headlamp identification

Vehicle Headlamp Identification

HELIXX™ Stainless Steel Hopper Lid Kit Install

POWER PLOW™ and HDV™ Wing Drift Adjustment

STORM SEEKER™ LED Plow Headlight FAQs Answered

Spreader Work Light & Strobe Light Installation

How to Install a Spreader Tarp

Top 5 Situations Where a HCM Module Replacement is Needed

Spreader Module Troubleshooting & Maintenance Quick Tips

How to Assemble & Lubricate a SP-85

Wet Seal to Dry Seal Conversion

Pairing the SR-210 Spreader to the Wireless Key Fob

Liqui Maxx™ Spray System Pump Seal Replacement

Liqui Maxx Wet Seal Replacement

Liqui Maxx Basic Calibration Procedure

Liqui Maxx Special Calibration Procedure

Troubleshoot Slow Flashing Light on Plow Control

Diagnosticando La Luz Roja De Su Control

Resetting Liqui Maxx System Counters

Liqui Maxx Sprayer Pre-Application Checklist

How to Assemble the SS-4000

How to Detach a SnowEx Plow

How to Attach a SnowEx Plow